Oleg Bartunov
Oleg Bartunov Postgres Professional
Nikita Glukhov
Nikita Glukhov Postgres Professional
11:00 01 March
45 мин

Inside JSONB

JSONB is a popular data type in Postgres, and there is demand from users to improve its performance. In particular, we want to optimize a typical pattern of using jsonb as a storage for relatively short metadata and big blobs, which is currently highly inefficient. We will discuss several approaches to jsonb improvement and present the results of our experiments.


Другие доклады

  • Maxim Orlov
    Maxim Orlov Postgres Professional
    22 мин

    Hot minor update in Postgres Pro 13

    In this presentation, we'll explain how we do minor version update for Postgres Pro DBMS without instance restart and/or active backend termination.

  • Yana Krasteva
    Yana Krasteva Swarm64
    22 мин

    Modern DWH with open-source PostgreSQL

    PostgreSQL has a long history in DWH. Netezza, Redshift, and Greenplum have turned specific PostgreSQL releases into DWH solutions. Nowadays, with the trends in PostgreSQL towards performance improvements (better partitioning, better statistics, JIT Compilation, etc.) and advanced PostgreSQL extensions, like the Swarm64 Data Accelerator, you can create a forward-looking, no lock-in, versatile, and reliable DWH. This talk will cover the PostgreSQL and DWH trends and touch on key arguments for choosing open source PostgreSQL for DWH.

  • Daniele Varrazzo
    Daniele Varrazzo Codice Lieve
    45 мин

    psycopg3: all the love between Python and PostgreSQL

    Python is today one of the most used programming languages in the world: simple to learn and to use and ready to interface to any known service and protocol. psycopg2 is the most used PostgreSQL driver for Python: it offers good performance and makes the communication between the language and the database as smooth as possible.

    Python has evolved enormously in the past years and its first-class support for async programming is changing the way new programs are written. PostgreSQL has evolved too: a new generation of the driver is needed to make the most of all the features it has to offer.

    psycopg3 is the new generation of the most used Python-PostgreSQL adapter: it offers a familiar interface and smooth upgrade path, but behind the scenes it is engineered to obtain the best performance from the database and the language: async programming, prepared statements, binary parameters.

    psycopg3 is also experimenting with innovative JSONB support and query pipelining! Come and discover the forefront of the research between your most loved language and database!

  • Igor Kosenkov
    Igor Kosenkov Postgres Professional
    90 мин

    High availability cluster using crmsh

    Some OS distributions do not have a pcs configuration utility to create a high availability cluster PostgreSQL. In this case, the crm utility from the crmsh package will help us. It is more difficult to use, but powerful and effective.

    In my master class, I will show how to use this utility, as well as configure a failover cluster in different configurations.