PgConf.Russia 2017 talks

Data analysis for all. Developing BI system, working on limited and even shared hardware

Sergey Mirvoda
Octonica, UrFU, Team lead, senior lecturer

Octonica co-founder, UrFU senior lecturer. Specialized in developing high performance analytical systems for government and large commercial companies. Teaching some data and engineering related courses in UrFU. Married with two kids.

Experience we've got after 5 years of developing, deploying and improving BI system used in government. I would talk about government IT reality and our way over it. Postgres performance improvements, using of latest features, overwriting of user generated queries to help query optimizer and other tweaks and hacks to tackle limited hardware problems. These lead us to number of computer science papers and (now committed) patches to Postgres (see Andrey Borodin talks for details).