ORM for .Net development, PostgreSQL and performance

Алексей Фадеев



Duration 22 min

Several years ago it was like that, you say “.Net developer” mean Windows and Microsoft SQL Server developer. But time flies, things change. Microsoft became a platinum member of the Linux Foundation, real .Net Core applications work on Linux/Unix servers, PostgreSQL's popularity goes up including .Net projects.

In my speech I will compare several popular ORM frameworks and tell how to make them work faster. I’ll tell about Dapper-Dot-Net “micro ORM” in a nutshell, that doesn’t generate SQL commands, it just maps DB-records to C# objects, but does it very fast. Also, it’s possible to combine different ORM frameworks with each other to improve performance.

The most interesting thing I want to talk about is how to accelerate insert and update operations using the peculiar properties of «Multi Insert» and «Upsert» in PostgreSQL. I’m gonna make a real-time demo of inserting and then updating one million records to PostgreSQL instance running on ordinary notebook with Windows in a just a few seconds, using ORM.