Deconstructing Postgres into a Cloud Native Platform

Álvaro Hernández


Основатель компании

16:00 (UTC+3) , english

Is deploying Postgres in Kubernetes just repackaging it into a container? Can’t Postgres leverage the wide range of Cloud-Native software and integrate well with K8s? Join this journey that will cover and demonstrate, with demos running on StackGres:

  • How to structure Postgres into an init-less container, plus several sidecar containers for connection pooling, backups, agents, etc.
  • Defining high level CRDs as the single API to interact with the Postgres operator.
  • Using K8s RBAC for user authentication of a web UI management interface.
  • Using Prometheus for monitoring; bundling a node, Postgres and PgBouncer exporters together.
  • Proxying Postgres traffic through Envoy. Terminate Postgres SSL with an Envoy plugin, that also exports wire protocol metrics to Prometheus.
  • Using Fluentbit to capture Postgres logs and forward them to Fluentd, which stores them on a centralized Postgres database.

You will be able to follow the session on your own Kubernetes cluster, and go from zero to a Postgres hero on Kubernetes with little effort! Create in minutes your own Postgres-as-a-Service on your Kubernetes.