Managing moving objects data with MobilityDB

Mahmoud SAKR

Université libre de bruxelles


Esteban Zimányi



11:40 (UTC+3) , english

MobilityDB is a moving object database extension to PostgreSQL and PostGIS. It has types and functions for storing an querying geospatial trajectories, as first class citizens. The main type is called tgeompoint (temporal geometry point). It represents a complete movement track of a geometry point, such as a car, a bird, or a person. The function speed(tgeompoint) computes the time varying speed of the object, as a tfloat (temporal float). Similar to these examples, MobilityDB has 6 temporal types, and over 300 functions. As such, it is a function-rich platform for Mobility Data Management.

In this tutorial you will:

  • learn about moving object databases
  • write MobilityDB SQL queries and explore a database of geospatial trajectories
  • walk through the different type, indexes, and functions of MobilityDB.