Daniele Varrazzo
Daniele Varrazzo Codice Lieve
16:00 02 March
45 мин

psycopg3: all the love between Python and PostgreSQL

Python is today one of the most used programming languages in the world: simple to learn and to use and ready to interface to any known service and protocol. psycopg2 is the most used PostgreSQL driver for Python: it offers good performance and makes the communication between the language and the database as smooth as possible.

Python has evolved enormously in the past years and its first-class support for async programming is changing the way new programs are written. PostgreSQL has evolved too: a new generation of the driver is needed to make the most of all the features it has to offer.

psycopg3 is the new generation of the most used Python-PostgreSQL adapter: it offers a familiar interface and smooth upgrade path, but behind the scenes it is engineered to obtain the best performance from the database and the language: async programming, prepared statements, binary parameters.

psycopg3 is also experimenting with innovative JSONB support and query pipelining! Come and discover the forefront of the research between your most loved language and database!


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