Christopher Travers
Christopher Travers DeliveryHero SE
16:00 01 March
45 мин

When it All Goes Wrong: Database Incident Response Dos and Don'ts

Once at Adjust we faced a problem of impending xid wraparound in a very central database due to a long-stalled autovacuum run. Because we spotted warnings 5 hours before impending disaster we were able to minimize the customer impact. Come learn how we used the time to prepare, and what lessons this has for others facing unusual problems in large databases.


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  • Darafei Praliaskouski
    Darafei Praliaskouski Juno
    22 мин

    PostGIS 3.1 news

    PostGIS is a Spatial Extension to PostgreSQL database. This talk will look like reading the changelog aloud with some comments and real-world usage examples from the core developer.

  • Pavel Stehule
    Pavel Stehule freelancer
    22 мин

    How to use pspg

    pspg is unix pager specially developed for usage in psql Postgres client. Today it allows more than usual browsing data. It can work in application mode or it work as csv or tsv viewer too. I will try to show the main possibilities of this application.

  • Daniel Westermann
    Daniel Westermann dbi services
    45 мин

    How to get data from Oracle to PostgreSQL and vice versa

    PostgreSQL has become a reality in a lot of shops today. In most cases PostgreSQL is established beside the current Oracle deployment and quite soon one question pops up regularily: How can we push data from Oracle to PostgreSQL and vice versa? Way back, in March 2001, a new extension to the SQL standard made it's way to define common APIs for managing external data: SQL/MED (ISO/IEC 9075-9:2008). The PostgreSQL community picked that up quite fast and implemented a framework for plugging in so called foreign data wrappers back in 2011 with PostgreSQL 9.1. Since then a wide range of these foreign data wrappers popped up and thanks to those, PostgreSQL today is able to integrate data from almost every external source, no matter if it is coming from flat files, other relational database systems or even unstructured sources. In this talk we will look at the foreign data wrapper for Oracle and how it can be used to get data from Oracle to PostgreSQL. But this is not a one way game: data can also be pushed from PostgreSQL to Oracle, and this might become important depending on the requirements. It is guaranteed that this talk is splitted by half: Slides and a lot of demos.

  • Иван Чувашов
    Иван Чувашов ООО Calltouch
    45 мин

    Life of DBA in the OKKO online cinema

    Okko is one of the largest legal online cinemas in Russia. Our catalog contains 60 000 movies, cartoons and TV series. Since its starting, the service has been visited by over 20 million users. The monthly audience is 2.8 million people. All these figures speak of a reliable high-load service.

    As DBA, I will mainly talk about databases (PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redis) that are used in the company. We'll take a closer look at PostgreSQL on the topics of high loads, monitoring, optimization, backup and recovery.