Архив докладов конференции PgConf.Russia 2015

Мониторинг кластеров PostgreSQL с помощью OPM и PoWA

Julien Rouhaud

Dalibo, Франция

Monitoring PostgreSQL is a critical part of administration. OPM (Open PostgreSQL Monitoring) is a new solution to handle alerting and graphing for PostgreSQL, currently in beta after several month of work. The first production-ready version is already available. PoWA is a workload analyzer that gives a realtime clear view of the current activity of your PostgreSQL servers with a query runtime graph and a block hit/read graph along with a chart of time consuming request over the specified time period. Come discover why these projects have been initiated, what they're relying on, what the current features are and what they will soon be. We hope that you'll enjoy the version, and maybe you'll join us to help developing these tools.